CMHC: Parkdale Ventilation Retrofit

Updated: Mar 10

In the second edition of the Better Buildings case studies, CMHC takes a look at the top level of a four-level underground parkade at an apartment building in Victoria, B.C. that needed a new ventilation system.

Residents complained for years about the noise caused by one fan, which was mounted on the exterior wall of the building. The other fan, in a small room in the parkade, was difficult to access for maintenance, had restricted air flow, and wasted storage space.

Two fans were being used to ventilate the bottom three levels. The project’s objectives were:

  • Increase parkade ventilation

  • Reduce fan noise, maintenance and energy costs

  • Bring the top parking level up to B.C. Building Code standards

  • Increase storage area.

To read the full case study, click HERE.

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