CMHC: Improve your Building's Energy Performance

In the last few decades, attention to energy efficiency has increased. Despite this, the energy intensity of multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) has actually been rising since the 1970s. And yet, we have the technology to address some key gaps.

In CMHC’s 10-page series of infographics, planners, builders and property owners will find tips and resources to address these gaps. For each of the 6 themes below, discover some practical solutions:

  • space and water heating: Typically, these account for 80% of energy use. Solutions include heat recovery ventilation systems, high-efficiency condensing boilers and thermostat settings.

  • ventilation and air quality: Achieve significant and varied benefits with compartmentalization for control of moisture, odour, fresh air, etc.

  • building envelopes: Maximize the benefits by eliminating thermal bridges and decreasing window-to-wall ratio.

  • measurement, control and accountability: You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Achieve 30% savings with heating management systems.

  • lighting and plug loads and appliances: These typically represent 18% of energy use. Help reduce energy consumption by using LEDs, sensors and high-efficiency appliances.

  • water consumption: Freshwater use by Canadians per capita per day is the fourth highest average consumption globally. It can represent 17% of energy costs in MURBs. Achieve savings of 37% by controlling flow rates in faucets, showers and low-flow toilets. Front loading washing machines can use up to 40% less water and 45% less electricity than compared to first-generation front-load washers introduced in 2000.

Other solutions suggested include using green roofs, vegetation and permeable pavement to reduce your building’s impact on downstream stormwater facilities.

Using this series of infographics, you can learn about steps to take to increase your building’s energy efficiency.

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