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Having a university degree, post graduate degree and college certificate with 15 years construction experience, I was enthralled with the information provided. I’m pleased that I decided to not challenge the HCRA basic requirements. I feel more than confident to now present the additional knowledge gained from this great program on my journey to becoming a licensed builder.

Michael and his staff are truly brilliant and talented individuals with great ability to promote interaction between all involved persons. This creates a positive, interactive and inspiring experience that upholds a higher standard to the construction industry. Students are no longer just licensed builders, but rather are problem solvers who are educated with the most recent sciences and technologies to provide customers the quality in construction everyone deserves.

It was my pleasure to attend each course, and to be positively influenced by all the professors. I look forward to my company's future in this thriving industry, and I look forward to assisting Michael and his team with the evolution of buildABILITY.

President and Owner - Beyond Custom Contracting Inc.

Dan Lesperance

Although there are multiple pathways to achieving the seven core courses required by the HCRA, buildABILITY stands head and shoulders above the others, and the only one I would personally recommend.


Having been in the trade industry for almost two decades, I appreciate the industry professionals who are teaching at buildABILITY. They are relatable, highly knowledgeable and made the experience a very enjoyable one.


The custom home building industry is in good hands with Michael and his fantastic staff making sure we have the most knowledgeable builders entering into the industry.

Owner / Operator - Alair Homes Georgina

Ryan Lockman

After taking the seven builder licensing courses from BuildABILITY, I was highly impressed at how professional, knowledgeable, organized and patient the staff and Professors are at this institution. I was very hesitant about the virtual courses due to the pandemic but the experience was like no other. With a class of 30 students I never felt neglected, any questions I had were answered and I really felt as if my learning was one-on-one with the professors.


Their knowledge and understanding of this industry has exceeded my expectations, I learned so much and am so thankful for all the hard work BuildABILITY put in to help me achieve my goals and dreams of being a certified home builder! I highly recommend choosing BuildABILITY if you are starting your path towards becoming a licensed home builder.

President, Trigon Renovations Inc. 

Walid Wahidi

Michael Lio and his team have unprecedented knowledge in the field. They were readily available to answer my questions and provide feedback. After completing all seven courses with buildABILITY, I felt encouraged to pursue my goals of becoming a builder. I gained sufficient knowledge on how to open a building company and I gained confidence in the knowledge that I gained to successfully run the company. I met wonderful people whom I keep in touch with. On several occasions I have obtained consultation services from some students regarding building projects.

Builder, Gahona Homes

Zarifeh Zare-MoayedI

Michael Lio and the other course instructors are very well known in the construction industry so being a part of buildABILITY's training helps me stay updated with the industry's best practices. The courses are also a great opportunity to network and meet other professionals in the industry.

Senior Project Manager, RS Homes/LSI Engineering Ltd.

Ramsin Sotoadeh

The knowledge I gained in this course has been invaluable. You provide students with a "flashlight in a dark room" so to speak. Often times the knowledge has enabled me to even find the light switch!

on the Ontario Building Code course

Bryce Dziedziejko

Instructor was solid, really knew her stuff and was really engaging and passionate. The best I've had (outside for Michael Lio).

on the Legal Issues in Housing course

Anthony Valela

Enjoyed all the content and the interaction with everyone. Course was very informative - extremely happy I attended and advised Managers what a great course this is and would be for Contract Managers & Construction Staff.

on the Difficult Defects: Part 1 seminar

Carolyn Cartmill

buildABILITY is the perfect place to start your builder licensing journey. It was an amazing experience all around, from admissions all the way through to course completion.


The instructors work to ensure that you are getting the best industry knowledge and content. The time required to complete the courses was also manageable.


Overall the program layout was extremely well done. The topics are designed perfectly according to the builder market needs.

Interior Architect - A\&B Original

Solak Atanosian

It was really great and exciting to attend the HCRA-Approved courses virtually with one of the renowned education providers – buildABILITY - who provides mandatory education required for a builder’s license in Ontario.

The online training format was highly informative and interactive which can be largely credited to the coaching and real world application provided through the courses. All the instructors always ensured that every moment is so LIVE during the class.

I'm beyond thankful to the experienced instructors for coaching me and helping me achieve my goal to be a builder. Looking forward to my next in-person class with buildABILITY to enhance my construction knowledge.

Director, Smart Save Homes Inc. 

Dharmender Kumar

BuildAbility was one of my best decisions. The instructors and the staff care so much about every student’s success. I have had such a positive transformation in my way of thinking, working and communicating after attending these courses. This has been a great experience for me as I embark on my building journey. The amount of knowledge and passion that has grown within is remarkable. I truly want to thank each and every instructor and staff member as I am ready to make a massive impact in our loved industry. Thank you for making learning enjoyable.

CEO, R.E.A.L. Construction Group.

Shahbaz Paracha

What I enjoyed most about buildABILITY’s training events is that they are interactive and personal.  The instructors are ready to answer questions right away, making learning much easier. I felt I had truly learnt about all the aspects of being a responsible builder after completing all seven Tarion courses with buildABILITY.  The steps that we were shown in the classes about how to provide the correct information to Tarion and the discussion we had in the class with a Tarion representative prepared me fully for the interviews.

Director, Atlantis Development LTD.

Kevin Lu

Michael Lio is a passionate instructor and really wants his students to understand the subject matter. His real-life examples are relevant and provide an additional learning platform.

on the Construction Technology and Building Science workshop

Andrew Guido

buildABILITY has opened my eyes to areas of my customer interaction that I have been lacking but probably didn't realize until now. This is a useful tool and will help me take my customer service skills to the next level. I highly recommend this course to anyone in the customer service/home building industry.

on the Customer Service and Tarion Warranty workshop

Don Messervey

Mr. Lio expertly presents well researched material. The presentations encouraged participants to learn new approaches to exceptional customer service and "humanizes" the process by teaching new listening skills. Supplemental handout material were also great take-aways and will be valuable future reference tools.Overall a very rewarding and eye-opening workshop.

on the Customer Service and Tarion Warranty workshop

Eric Reisman

When buildABILITY began to offer virtual classes leading to certification by the Home Construction Regulatory Authority I thought, "there's no harm in trying," as I had become demotivated trying to read through different self-study material online. I am so glad I did because buildABILITY's passion for promoting excellence in the home construction industry shows through in the standard of their courses. 

Being in a live virtual class with instructors highly experienced in their fields, who genuinely want builders to succeed, has been an invaluable experience. There were lots of opportunities to discuss real-world construction issues with trainers and also with fellow participants whose varied levels of familiarity with the sector enriched the classroom environment. 

Owner - Alcove Holdings Inc. 

Haneen Radie

Becoming a licensed home builder in Ontario is no longer a dream for me but a reality, thanks to buildABILITY. The professors really took the initiative to ensure that each and every individual in the courses were involved and engaged. My knowledge and expertise has grown exponentially since completing all seven courses. I’m thrilled to apply all of my new found knowledge and insight on the field and with my team.


buildABILITY is one of the best educational providers for the mandatory builder licensing courses. Each course is thoroughly taught by experienced professionals who have an enormous amount of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry.

I want to personally thank all of the wonderful staff, professors, and guest speakers that made the courses engaging and fun to sit through.

CEO, JJReal Development Group Inc. 

Jay Jeganathan

BuildABILITY definitely prepared me to become a builder. The online courses are super user-friendly, and truly feel like you are in a live class. Thanks to all the instructors who geared me up for the real world. I would highly recommend not looking anywhere else to take training courses if you are looking to become an active builder. You will learn things which you have never thought of, and taking courses with BuildABILITY will truly minimize your exposure to risk and liability out in the field.

President, SNY Development Corporation

Ori Yuval

Being a part of buildABILITY's training has allowed me to grow my professional portfolio by learning about building science, construction and business planning. Additionally, networking with professional and experienced faculty members helped me grow my network in the construction industry.


Ravinder Saron

Very informative, enjoyed the course. Teacher was very energetic and knowledgeable. Wish I had more time with Michael to pick his brain.

on the Construction Technology and Building Science workshop

Michael Tkaczyk

I would recommend buildABILITY's 'Delivering Exceptional Customer Service and Tarion Warranty Rules' workshop to anyone in the residential construction sector. The content is, not only, relevant and valuable but Michael's exuberance for it is wonderfully contagious!

on the Customer Service and Tarion Warranty workshop

Katarina Rodgers

Fantastic course. Dave was great and presented a lot of useful information. I would definitely recommend this course to others.

on the Site Supervision: Project Management and Scheduling workshop

Marlon DaSilva

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