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HCRA Challenge Exams

Skip the classroom!

If you have significant experience in the construction industry or subject matter expertise, you can fulfill your competency requirements by completing a challenge examCheck out the outline of the competency courses to determine if you can write a challenge exam! 

Ontario Building Code: Part 9 - The House


Construction Technology & Building Science


Financial Planning & Management


Customer Service and Tarion Warranty


Legal Issues in Housing


Site Supervision: Project Management & Scheduling


More about the challenge exams (FAQ):

1. What is a challenge exam? How do I know if I can take it?

Challenge exams are for those who have significant construction industry experience or subject matter expertise. To determine whether you may be successful in writing the challenge exam, review the course syllabus for the OBC course here:

2. How do I prepare for a challenge exam?

For the purposes of invigilation, please ensure that you have the zoom application installed on to your computer. You also need a working camera and microphone. You will not be permitted to write the exam without your camera.

Prior to starting your exam, you will be asked to present a government issued photo ID to the exam invigilator and asked to do 360 degree scan of your room to ensure you are in a secluded and quiet location.


3. Is there a fee to the challenge exam?

Yes. Each challenge exam has a fee of $139 + HST.


4. What are the security protocols for the challenge exam?

  • Your camera must be on for the entire duration of the exam. If your camera is not visible, your exam will be terminated.

  • To write the exam, you must be in a quiet and secluded room.

  • Before your exam begins, the invigilator will check that there is no one else present in the room.

  • You are NOT permitted to use your cell phone during the exam. For calculation questions, please ensure that you have a physical calculator.

  • Please refrain from talking during the exam or reading the questions out loud.


5. Are there any preparatory course materials to prepare for the challenge exam?

Preparatory course materials are confined to the current OBC Volume 1 & 2 to those who chose to challenge an exam. The course description pages contain the competency syllabus for each course.


6. I have attempted a challenge exam and failed. What are my next steps?

The passing grade for the exams is 70%. If you fail an exam you must enroll into the respective competency course to learn the appropriate content. Only ONE challenge exam attempt is available for each of the competency courses. If you are unsuccessful, you are required to take the full course before being allowed any subsequent attempts.  

7. Are we allowed to google answers? Can we use our own notes while writing the challenge exam?

No. The only resource that can be used for the challenge exam is OBC Volume 1 & 2.

Business Planning & Management

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